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  • 5 reasons why you need to buy an Inokim electric scooter

    Nimrod Sapir, an Israeli award winner and product designer, launched Inokim electric scooters in 2009. Since the scooters were first introduced to the market, their build quality and speed have been flawless, and the attributes of these great electric scooters have been praised by all. 

    Despite the fact that the electric scooter's price is slightly greater than that of its competitors, we will briefly explain why you should buy an Inokim electric scooter. 

    So, what are some of the reasons you should consider purchasing an Inokim Scooter?

    Solution for the Last Mile 

    Inokim scooters manufactures and assembles the components in their in-house facility without compromising the quality of the electric scooter, unlike other electric scooters that often try to take inspiration from the competitors' design to build their model. 

    A Secure and Comfortable Ride 

    With the support of its outstanding braking system and low centre of gravity electric scooters design, Inokim concentrates on giving a comfortable and secure ride to its customers. Furthermore, Inokim's electric scooters are lightweight, with plenty of room for your feet on the deck. 

    This electric scooter's disc brakes provide excellent stopping force.

    Beautiful design

    Unlike other electric scooters, which have limited colour selections, Inokim offers a wide range of colours to choose from. Furthermore, the electric scooter's design is a perfect mix of weight, range, and speed. 

    Build Quality

    Inokim pays special attention to the quality of their electric scooters. Details like adjustable suspension, handlebar grip, and the scooter's weight when folded ensure that it will last a long time. Every component of the electric scooter is meticulously handcrafted in their own factory. 

    Simple to Transport 

    All of Inokim's electric scooters include an outstanding folding option that allows the rider to easily fold the e scooter and take it in subways or crowded areas. Furthermore, because these electric scooters are small in weight, users will not find it difficult to transport them wherever they go.


    These are some of the most compelling reasons to choose the Inokim scooter. Inokim is the best choice for you if you value quality above all else. It is a versatile electric scooter that can be used for regular commuting. You can try it out before you decide to buy one from us. 

    Inokim offer a wide range of scooters from the extremely portable Inokim Mini 2 through to the speed machine Inokim Oxo.

    ePulse is the UK's leading electric scooter company releasing electric scooter models that cater to commuters and provide micro-mobile solutions for riders. 

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