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    Off-road scooter sliding
    Many people think of scooters as antiquated children's toys. However, with the introduction of high-quality, performance-oriented electric scooters in recent years, scooters are now firmly available for fun-loving adults to enjoy.

    There is an electric scooter for every adult, whether you're searching for an ecologically friendly  scooter to get you from point A to point B or an off-roader for isolated excursions – but what should you check for before making a purchase?

    What will you use your electric scooter for?

    When purchasing an adult electric scooter, determining the primary reason for your purchase can assist you in deciding which model is best for you. Adult electric scooters, unlike those made for children, will frequently serve a more practical function, such as speeding up your commute.

    Adult electric scooter for commuting

    If you plan to utilise your e-scooter to revolutionise your daily commute (assuming it's legal in your area), convenience will almost certainly be a top consideration.

    If your commute necessitates hopping on and off public transportation, a foldable electric scooter is the way to go. After all, buses and trains are typically congested during rush hour, and your e-scooter will irritate other passengers if it takes up too much valuable on-board space.

    Foldable electric scooters may be transformed into small and portable loads in a matter of seconds. They're also great for resolving storage issues at home or at the office. Check the folded measurements of the scooter to make sure it will fit in your intended place.

    If you plan to use your adult electric scooter for regular commuting, you need to also consider weight. Electric scooters, as modern as they are, are not designed to navigate steps, so you will have to lift and carry it at some point throughout your journey.

    Despite the fact that larger versions are typically heavier, it is feasible to find a durable yet lightweight electric scooter that weighs less than 12kg.

    Off-road electric scooters for adults

    Your needs will be significantly different if you plan on unleashing your inner child and taking your electric scooter escapades off-road.

    While a commuting electric scooter must be compact and light, off-road models (Nanrobot D6+) must be more durable to manage tough terrain. The wheels will also need to be larger, with significantly deeper treads, in order to navigate underfoot impediments like pebbles or tree roots.

    Electric scooters used off-road must have strong suspension to absorb shocks. You'll feel every bump in the road if you don't have this, which can ruin an off-road experience.

    Scooter in the airport

    Consider weight capacity

    The weight capacity is the main difference between a kid's e-scooter and an adult's electric scooter.

    Maximum weight is usually not a concern for children. However, one of the most significant criteria to consider for adults is weight capacity. Although most models will have a huge maximum payload, inexpensive models may be able to carry less than you'd expect - the best electric scooters for adults will be able to carry a heavier load.

    It's critical to examine a scooter's maximum weight capacity before purchasing; exceeding the limit can have a significant impact on the quality of your ride: maximum speed will be reduced, battery life will be reduced, and slope climbing capability will be reduced.

    When calculating the maximum load capacity of an adult electric scooter, don't forget to include in the weight of any luggage. If you frequently carry additional baggage, such as a work backpack, you may find that you have exceeded the maximum weight capacity of your e-scooter.

    Typical cost of an adults electric scooter?

    When purchasing an adult electric scooter, it's critical to do your homework on the expenses and what you'll get for your money before making a decision.

    A quality scooter would normally set you back around £1,000. While it is not necessary to spend a big sum of money to obtain a high-performing electric scooter, we recommend avoiding models that appear to be too inexpensive. They frequently lack adequate battery and motor power and are made of poor materials.
    Meet up via electric vehicles

    You will gain access to beneficial additional features, such as high-quality building materials, enhanced battery capacity, and additional software, such as a dedicated mobile app, by spending a little more on your new means of transportation. Although these extras may not be required for all e-scooter riders, it's worth investigating how these special features could benefit you and then adjusting your budget appropriately.

    Adult electric scooters at ePulse

    At ePulse we offer a range of adult electric scooters from the worlds most respected brands including Inokim and Nanrobot. We offer a full UK 12 month warranty with all of our scooters and have in house engineers to ensure your electric scooter is always looked after.

    If you would like further assistance in choosing the right electric scooter for you, please get in touch with us today at hello@epulsemotion.com.

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