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    When you shop electric scooters and electric bikes with ePulse, you’re not making a one-time purchase. ePulse is more than a shop, it’s a service, run by dedicated engineers with expert knowledge on the products we sell. Buying from ePulse provides you with the full experience, from guided shopping through our hand-picked selection of electric vehicles, through to finding replacement parts and accessories or receiving regular services to keep your journey running smoothly. ePulse offers more than the average electric vehicle store, we pride ourselves on our quality over quantity approach and only sell what we consider to be the best in the industry. ePulse workshop This means that we are able to train our engineers fully on each and every vehicle we sell, extending to their spare parts and accessories. You will never be caught short after buying an electric scooter or bike from us, we go above and beyond in the support we offer to our customers.

    Your mode of transport needs to be comfortable, safe and reliable. The eco-friendly advantages to electric transport are being developed to create a replacement for the private car. We understand that this means you need a replacement equivalent in its ability to get you from A to B with ease. At ePulse, our experts have hand-selected a collection of quality electric vehicles, suitable for a range of budgets and purposes, so you can rest assured that you are able to find the right product to fit neatly into your lifestyle. The electric scooters and electric bikes you can find on our website have been checked thoroughly by our expert team, eliminating the lengthy shopping process when trying to find a vehicle that won’t disappoint. Similarly to car ownership, regular servicing for your electric vehicle is recommended to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency of use. ePulse offer full servicing in-house, so you can deal directly with the team that know your scooter inside and out from the beginning of your journey with us, and throughout.

    ePulse stands out from other scooter and bike stores as we provide you with absolutely everything you need as an electric vehicle owner. We sell every part for all of our e-scooters and e-bikes, from spare parts to accessories. If you’re confident with at-home modifications, you can independently shop for parts and additions to fix or upgrade your e-vehicle, with guidance from our engineers if needed. Our wide range of accessories available can improve your riding experience, if you need a reliable phone holder or even a scooter seat to make longer journeys easier, you can find everything you need, all under one roof. Our servicing centre is available to all customers when in need of repairs, general servicing or diagnostics for problems. We don’t outsource engineers, we have a team of specialists and train them in depth to work specifically with the scooters and bikes we sell. You couldn’t find a more specialised, efficient service with any other e-vehicle shop. Shopping with ePulse is a guarantee that you’ll be getting the most out of your purchase, eradicating any worries about future servicing or repairs. This means you can relax and enjoy your journey, focusing on the good you’re doing for the planet and the ease of the ride.