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    Standard Warranty Terms

    Nothing in these warranty terms affects your legal rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (also known as ‘statutory rights’). You may also have other rights in law.

    We provide a 12 month warranty on all new Inokim electric Scooters and bikes subject to the following exclusions:

    • loss or breakage of plastic components such as throttle, charge port, mudguard, lights, display and all buttons & levers
    • perishables such as brake systems, tyres and inner-tubes, cables, fuses, grips, brake pads and rubber steering mechanism pads
    • Commercial use (unless leased by us specifically for this purpose), private rental, competition, off and on road racing and towing cargo
    • Inappropriate riding or abusive treatment resulting in damage to the machine[ – please see our “Good Use & Maintenance” document]
    • Water ingress caused by riding through extreme rain / deep puddles
    • components that were not supplied by the manufacturer (non-genuine parts) and which are of inferior quality and / or design.

    All scooters and bikes require regular maintenance and safety checks and our warranty requires the purchaser to have a basic 6 monthly service check at a professional Inokim approved electric bike or scooter servicing centre. We define professional as any service centre which employs a technician who is trained to the following standards: Cytech technical e-bike or a diploma in bike maintenance.

    Refund Policy

    Within 14 days

    If your scooter develops a fault during normal use within 14 days of receipt, we will offer a refund, repair or replacement scooter at no cost to the customer, provided that the scooter has not been damaged, abused or modified. We will turn around the repair within 10 working days and refund/replacement within 5 working days after inspecting the scooter.

    Within 30 days

    If your scooter arrives damaged or with a manufacturing fault preventing its use, we will offer a full refund or replacement scooter at no cost to the customer, provided that it is unridden and all parts, manuals and packaging are present and undamaged. We will provide the refund or replacement within 5 working days after inspecting the damaged or faulty item.

    After 30 days

    If your scooter develops a fault after 30 days we will provide a diagnostic check within 7 days. There is a charge of £50 for this service. The scooter needs to brought to our main repair centre in Brighton at the customers cost. Alternatively, we can arrange collection by our courier at prevailing rates.

    If we determine that it is a valid warranty claim we will provide an estimate for repair. The repair will include labour costs but any parts required will be supplied free of charge. If parts are in stock we will repair the scooter within 7 days, or up to 30 working days if parts have to be ordered. If the fault cannot be repaired, we will offer a refund or replacement scooter, provided that the scooter has not been damaged, abused or modified.

    Returned items will be checked to ensure they meet the criteria set out in this returns policy. With refunds we may deduct reasonable amounts from the purchase if your product is deemed by our Inokim trained technicians to have been damaged, abused or modified, and to take account of wear and tear.