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  • Sharkset Suspension
    Sharkset Suspension
    Sharkset Suspension
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    Sharkset Suspension

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    Transform the ride quality of your Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot Max G30 with this awesome new suspension module. Designed by Sharkset specifically for all variants of M365 and G30. 

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    Xiaomi - £139

    Fully compatible with XIAOMI M365/ M365 Pro/M365 Pro 2. Suitable for both 8.5 and 10inch tyres.

    Inside the box: 

    Suspension Module

    Set of Soft and Hard springs 

    Light reflectors 

    Adhesive Sticker Light Reflectors 


    Ninebot - £169

    Fully compatible with all Ninebot Max G30 variants. 

    Inside the box:

    Suspension Module (Medium Springs pre-installed)

    Extra Springs (Soft and Hard)

    LED Light Kit + Remote


    Brake Cable

    Light Reflectors

    Side Covers

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